Writing Services: Writing a book is a lot of work. For those with limited time, or who aren’t confident in their writing abilities, Jim is an experienced writer who would be happy to write your family history. Whether you want a book about just one branch of your family or an “all my ancestors” treatment, you’ve come to the right place.

Writing Coach and Mentor: Are you ready to write a book, but aren’t sure how to go about it? If you need guidance, as well as someone to read and review your manuscript, advising you on every step of the way to completion, Sharon can be your writing coach and keep you motivated and on track with your writing project.

Sharon, who is the author of You Can Write Your Family History and Tell It Short: A Guide to Writing Your Family History in Brief, works on a variety of nonfiction projects: family histories, memoirs, biographies, histories, travel narratives, diary and letter transcriptions and annotations, and essay collections. She does not accept any fiction projects.

Sharon’s coaching and mentoring services can assist you through all phases of your writing project: research consulting and advising, manuscript consulting (by phone or e-mail), outlining, content editing of your manuscript, copy editing, and proofreading the final page proofs. Sharon recommends you get her guide, The Elements of Genealogical Style: A Simplified Style and Citation Manual for Writers of Genealogies and Family Histories, revised edition.

For nonfiction editing help, click here.

E-mail for more information: warrencarmack@gmail.com.

Please note: Sharon is currently taking only a limited number of clients.