About WCA


A Salt Lake City-Based Professional Genealogy Firm

Warren, Carmack & Associates is a Salt Lake City, Utah, based research firm that is solely owned by James W. Warren. Working at the renowned Family History Library, as well as onsite in the U.S., Ireland, and the British Isles, he offers a variety of genealogical and historical research, consulting, project management, writing, editing, and publishing services. He has been a full-time professional genealogist for more than thirty years with experience in a wide range of areas, including Italian and Irish; immigrant and ethnic; general U.S.; New England, Midwestern, Southern states, and New York; DNA family studies; problem solving; and American Indian. Plus he can write (or help you write) your family history; edit, proofread, and index it; and help you get it published or publish it for you.

What Makes Warren Carmack Different

Jim emphasizes family history projects, not “package deals.” Every family history project is unique and doesn’t conveniently fit into a “package.” Jim provides high-quality, full-range, in-depth research services with fully documented reports, charts, and compiled genealogies.

He is a small company dedicated to developing personal relationships with clients. While some genealogical firms cut costs by using inexpensive research help, Jim is the researcher on your project. He will review and analyze what you already know about your family; develop a logical research plan unique to your project; conduct research in original, online, and published sources; regularly report to you the results and our evaluation; and should you desire, he will turn those research results into a book, booklet, charts, or website. If your project branches outside our areas of expertise, he has a wide network of associates and colleagues on whose geographic and ethnic expertise we can call.

Genealogy is one of the most popular topics on the Internet. No doubt you’ve been online attempting to climb your family tree, searching such sites as Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, or the Ellis Island passenger lists. Jim also make use of all those electronic resources, but he realizes that they include many erroneous or unproven connections. He is experienced at analyzing the data online and ensuring that he is tracing your ancestors, not climbing a faulty family tree. Although more and more information is becoming available online, what’s available on the Internet is still only a fraction of the microfilmed records at the Family History Library and originals at other record repositories that can be discovered for your family.

E-mail for more information: warrencarmack@gmail.com.