“Turning genealogy notes into my ancestor’s biography proved more challenging than I had expected. Sharon adapted her professional eye to my editorial needs. She assessed the narrative’s overall structure and content, corrected mechanical mistakes, and offered concrete feedback. Rather than feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of more revisions, her encouragement and support rekindled my resolve and sharpened my focus. I would use her services again for my next project!” — Jacqueline Dinan, author of In Search of Barnabus Horton: From English Baker to Long Island Proprietor, 1600–1680


“Sharon’s advice and proofreading expertise were invaluable during the writing phase of my family history book. After more than thirty years of dedicated research, entrusting my manuscript to her careful scrutiny was the perfect finale. Her work is meticulous, concise, and efficient. I am so grateful such a talented professional edited my project.” — Janis Tartalio, author of The Hayburn, Haybyrne, Heybyrne Family of Kilcullen Bridge, County Kildare, Ireland

“I learned of Sharon’s talent while taking two online memoir writing courses she taught. I subsequently engaged her to be my coach and to review and edit my work. The project has been brought to a successful conclusion thanks to Sharon’s skill. I consider her not only a wonderfully talented and highly effective mentor, but equally important, a close and cherished friend. Likewise, Jim Warren did an outstanding job with the layout and publishing of my book. I’ll be forever grateful to them both.” — Jim “Red” Kulpan, author of Growing Up the Hard Way

“Sharon’s excellent book, You Can Write Your Family History, was my bible when writing and publishing my own book. She guided me in my marketing efforts by suggesting publishers, proofing my proposals, and mentoring and encouraging me through the whole process. The proof of her skill came when my book won a 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award.”Julie Foster Van Camp, author of Searching for Ichabod: His Eighteenth-Century Diary Leads Me Home

“When my collection of essays began to take shape, my writing teacher, Sharon Carmack, encouraged me to persevere in re-writing drafts until they were truthful, clean, and revealing to the reader. Sharon helped me develop my manuscript as a whole and played an invaluable role in editing and supporting the completion of my book.” Mary B. Kurtz, author of At Home in the Elk River Valley: Reflections on Family, Place and the West

“As my writing coach and editor, Sharon helped me turn a history of a medical specialty into a compelling social history of pediatric cardiology and the story of the people who gave birth to that field. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.” — William N. Evans, M.D., Founder and Director, Children’s Heart Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Sharon proofread over 2,000 pages of my four-volume book, Opening the Ozarks, 1835-1839. She not only caught the typos and grammatical mistakes, but problems such as children born too close together, marriages within nine months of the first child and mothers possibly too young to be giving birth. Bringing these to my attention so that I could recheck records and explain inconsistencies kept me from making embarrassing mistakes.” — Marsha Hoffman Rising, CG, FASG, Past President, American Society of Genealogists

“Sharon Carmack, an expert in genealogy and family history, has been my principal editor and advisor, giving me useful criticism and encouragement every step of the way.” Eliot N. Vestner Jr., author of Meet Me Under the Clock at Grand Central: A Family History and Memoir.

“Sharon proofread my book, Elder Bethuel Riggs (1757-1835) of Morris County, New Jersey, and His Family Through Five Generations. The manuscript benefited greatly from her keen eye for detail and her genealogical knowledge. She caught many things my other readers didn’t catch.” Alvy Ray Smith, PhD, Co-Founder of Pixar Studios and Academy Award Winner

“Because Sharon Carmack picked up on a discrepancy in dates (marriage & birth of first child) on one of my great-grandparents’ daughters when Sharon edited my family history, I discovered more information and records on my great-grandparents.” Judy Kallestad, author of Breaking Tradition: A Great-Granddaughter’s Search for Her Swedish Roots