Scattered Leaves Press Publishing Services

Scattered Leaves Press is a small, full-service, nonfiction self-publishing company, owned and operated by James W. Warren with Sharon DeBartolo Carmack as Executive  Editor. We publish high-quality family histories, memoirs, biographies, essay collections, spiritual memoirs, guidebooks, and more in hard or soft cover and as ebooks. (See our available books here.)

We offer you individualized attention on your book project. We are a small company dedicated to developing personal relationships with our clients. While some self-publishing companies cut costs by farming out work, Sharon and Jim work solely on your project. Sharon brings 30 years of professional writing, editing, and book mentoring experience, and Jim brings 15 years of professional design, layout, and indexing experience. Click here for more about Sharon and Jim.

Because each project is unique and we offer personalized attention, we do not box you into choosing a “package deal” like some self-publishing companies. We provide you with as much or as little help as you need. You pay for only the services you desire. Whether you have a complete book ready to print or are looking for writing, editing, layout, or printing help, we are ready to work with you.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Unlimited, ongoing phone or Zoom meetings to discuss your questions and project’s needs as it progresses.
  • Writing Coach and Mentor: Sharon’s coaching and mentoring services can assist you through all phases of your writing project.
  • Content and Development Editing: Sharon will review your work in progress for proper writing techniques, organization, and, if applicable, genealogical and historical content. She will help assist you in the development of your book’s content. You can submit chapters as you are writing them or the full manuscript.
  • Copy Editing: Sharon will copy edit your manuscript for sentence structure, grammatical problems, and punctuation. Click here for the different levels of copy editing you can choose from.
  • Book Design and Layout: Jim handles all the layout and design of our books. He will work with you regarding all aspects: trim size and cover design, overall book style, fonts and font sizes, photos and illustrations, and captions. For family histories, Jim creates ancestor/descendant charts and locates or creates maps and other appropriate illustrations to enhance the layout in addition to your family photos.
  • Photo Digitization and Enhancement: Jim will digitize and electronically enhance the photographs, maps, charts, documents, and other illustrations to place in your book. We can also help you locate or generate illustrations.
  • Indexing: Both Jim and Sharon can work on indexing projects. We can create a basic name index to your book, or customize it to include any combination of names, places, and/or subjects you prefer.
  • Proofreading: Sharon will proofread the final formatted pages (galleys/page proofs) of your book for typographical errors and formatting problems before you print.
  • Publishing: Your completed book will be generated as a PDF that you can take to your local printer. Or, we can handle the printing for you. We work closely with several reasonably priced printers in our area that specialize in high-quality, small and large print-runs of books, both hardbound and paperback. Once we deliver the PDF to one of our printers, it typically takes four to six weeks for printing and binding.
  • Order Fulfillment: Once completed, we can ship all or some of the copies to you. We can also handle sales and order fulfillment if you wish. Or, we publish your book as an ebook. We make ordering available on Amazon.
  • ISBN and Copyright Registration. If you choose to publish with Scattered Leaves Press, we will assign an ISBN (International Serial Book Number) to you under our imprint. We can also register the copyright in your name with the Library of Congress.
  • Book proposal writing. If you would like to try pitching your book to an agent or publisher, Sharon can write or help you write a quality, professional book proposal.
  • Book promotion and press releases. Sharon and Jim can help you determine your market and where and how to promote your book. She can also write or help you write a press release.

For more information or to schedule a consultation by phone or on Zoom, please feel free to contact either Jim or Sharon at